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Online Application

Online Application

Please fill out our online application form to apply for one of our acclaimed online language courses. Simply let us know about your level, preferred course type and when you would like to start. You will then receive the learning agreement from our team alongside detailed information on the online German courses.

Only after filling out the learning agreement, sending it via e-mail and transferring the course fee will the registration be finalised. Therefore, submitting an online application is completely non-binding and does not mean you are committing to a course.

What are you waiting for? Take the chance to meet the amazing DAS Akademie Team and let them answer all your questions in person.

Can I complete the online application for a long period and pay the mutli-week price monthly?

When you fill out the online application form, we will confirm the price of your desired period of study. This multi-week price includes a discount and should be pre-paid. Otherwise, you can always book 4 weeks at a time and pay monthly. For example: You would like to benefit from the attractive price of a 10-week evening course registration. In this case, you will need to transfer the total corresponding course fee in advance, which is 400,-€. If you would like to pay monthly, then you would need to book 4 weeks first and pay 198,-€ each time you renew your registration for another 4 weeks.

When can I start?

The beginners’ intensive or evening courses start on the first Monday of each month. If you have previous knowledge, you can start immediately. All you will have to do is complete a free placement test which will help us determine the right course for you. It’s nothing to stress about, just a short multiple-choice written section and an informal chat with one of our German teachers. After you fill out the online application form, we will send you the details of the available schedule. If you have any further questions, you will always have the opportunity to clarify them directly with a teacher during the free skills assessment.

Do the teachers speak English?

At DAS Akademie, German is taught in the German language from the first lesson, because the most effective way to learn German is to hear and speak German. However, the online learning platform MintiCity includes a dictionary with the English definitions of words and idiomatic expressions which you can check as you work through the modules. For adult learners, our teachers will always share visual examples and fun worksheets to make you understand the vocabulary. In fact, they won’t rest until they make sure everything is understood. Wondering how? Why not seeing the magic yourself!

Online application
online application