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Learn German online, no matter your language level. At DAS Akademie, you can join an online German class right after a free placement test. If you are a beginner, you can learn German A1 to C2 online. In our online German classes, you can master the German grammar and vocabulary on all levels of CEFR. Most importantly, you can speak German with leading teachers from Germany.

Learn German Online
Speak German Fluently

Focus on Speaking

The best way to learn the German language is through speaking. Therefore, we make you actively participate in classroom discussions and work on your pronunciation.

Learning German Grammar

Learn Grammar Easily

You will learn grammar effortlessly while playing at the structures and applying your knowledge on interesting topics in fun classroom challenges.


Expand Your Vocabulary

Immerse yourself into a multi-media world designed by the best teachers. Work in a relevant context, write, say everything out loud and repeat.

Key Traits

Learn German online with all senses

Key traits of an education programme to successfully learn German online? How do we make sure that our students improve their speaking, writing and listening skills simultaneously while mastering grammar and vocabulary?

DAS Akademie is widely regarded for its successful German courses. Many traits that apply to our regular classroom lessons also hold true for learning German online. For instance, extensive knowledge of the subject matter, proper use of chunking to make it easier for the students to understand and apply new skills, and incorporating concepts and new ideas to already existing mental framework (also referred to as assimilation).

At DAS Akademie, we focus on three additional skills that have moved into a more central role of teaching methodology with the rise of online courses.

Learn German through immersion

The single biggest advantage of online learning over the regular classroom experience is that almost all senses can be activated through the use of digital media. It is true that smart boards and projectors brought digital media into the classroom but in an online setting they can be used to much greater effect. Through the correct use of theses tools, we give every individual student the feeling of immersion into the German language. In fact, instructors with more advanced knowledge of the tools available to them in the digital world have a clear advantage over others. As a result, their lessons will be more interactive, engaging, and motivating to the students. And motivation is even more important in online classes as learner fatigue is a real danger to the students’ attention and progression.

Everyone has experienced and probably still remembers a lesson during which focusing on what the teacher said was difficult. Unlike in a classroom, where the teacher can see what all the students are doing, we don’t see during online lessons what is happening on the participants’ screens. For all we know, they may be playing solitaire, making dinner plans or looking up the latest fashion developments. Keeping our lessons interactive and engaging through the use of the various tools at our disposal is even more critical to ensure that no student falls behind.

Effective Classroom Management

You cannot learn German without stimulation. Classroom management is a vital skill in the teacher’s tool kit that, when used successfully, transforms a mediocre German lesson to an experience that makes students want to come back. We pick German teachers who have a natural presence and an uncanny ability to manage their students. In addition, our teachers constantly improve their abilities through regular training. In an online setting, it is important to quickly realise the students’ progression, focus, and engagement.

Learn German with well-prepared Online Lessons

A well-prepared online German lesson has to be more meticulously planned than in a regular class room but also allow for enough flexibility to support struggling students and at the same time promote the stronger learners. “Reading” our students throughout the ongoing lesson and interfering accordingly improve the students’ experience and progress as they learn German. E-learning platforms like MintiCity give teachers yet another tool to teach differentiatedly according to the learner’s individual and collective progression and add variety to the lesson format.

Shaping the Future of German Language Education

Is learning online the future of language education or is it just a temporary measure? The jury is still out but one thing is for sure – the skills and experience obtained by teaching online can invariably be used in a regular setting as well and thus leads to a better learning experience for our students. Why else do we teach if not to help others learn the best way we can?

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Student Voices

Why Learn German from DAS Akademie?

German Grammar & Vocabulary

Als ich in dem A2 Online-Kurs angefangen habe, konnte ich kein Deutsch aber jetzt kann ich es schon ein bisschen. Deswegen bin ich sowohl stolz auf mich, als auch auf euch. Ihr seid wirklich geduldig, empatisch und liebevoll. Die Atmosphäre im Unterricht ist wirklich toll, weshalb ich die Zeit mit euch genossen habe. Ihr gebt euch beim Unterrichten viel Mühe, um die Schüler zufrieden zu stellen und das merkt man auch.

Deutsch Online Lernen


Evening Online German Course

Learn German

I have learned so much B1 German in just 4 weeks and my progress has been incredible. Indeed, I really like your teaching and I’m very happy about your online service. Everyday we welcome fresh challenges, our teachers always goes the extra mile and the content is super refreshing. Our e-learning platform and the virtual classes go perfectly hand in hand. So, thank you all for the great learning experience.

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University Student Abroad