Online German Course

Learn German Online at DAS Akademie

If you are looking for an online German course with outstanding live sessions, then online German classes at DAS Akademie are the right choice. Whatever your goal in learning German may be, our online German language courses are here to make it happen.

Online German Course
CEFR - European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • Recognised worldwide: Take a German class online in order to reach your academic or professional goals. From beginner (A1) to advanced (C2), unlock your power on all levels of CEFR.
Interactive Language Training
  • Interactive classes: In our live online German classes, first-rate teachers lead the live German classes. Most importantly, students can interact with the teacher and each other.
Experience in Language Education
  • 22 years of experience : DAS Akademie is a world-class language school with an unmatched reputation in teaching German as a foreign language. Are you ready for the 1# Deutschkurs online?

Online German Language Courses

Intensive Online German Course


Intensive German course online with 15 live lessons per week. As a rule, the virtual classes run between 10:00 – 12:30 CEST Monday through Friday. However, we offer alternative schedules as well. Above all, suited for study preparation or language study visa application.

Evening Online German Course


Evening Online German course with 6 lessons per week. Each group features 4 to 10 participants. Virtual classes take place 2 days per week – between 19:00 – 21:30 CEST. In other words, this programme is ideal for professionals with daytime occupations or part-time learners.

Online German Lessons


Learn German in a one-to-one or two-to-one setting with great teachers. Due to the self-paced nature, this is the most flexible of all our online German courses. In fact, you can purchase lesson packages and create a custom schedule. The more you book, the less you pay.

Timetable for Online German Courses

Intensive online classes: 10:00 – 12:30pm

Private online classes: bookable between 1:30 – 7:00 pm

Evening online classes: 7:00 – 9:30pm


Intensive online classes: 4:00 am- 6:30am

Private online classes: bookable between 7:30am – 1:00 pm

Evening online classes: 1:00pm – 03:30pm


Intensive online class: 1:00 am- 3:30am

Private online class: bookable between 4:30am – 10:00 am

Evening online class: 10:00am – 12:30pm


Intensive online class: 9:00 am- 11:30am

Private online class: bookable between 12:30am – 6:00 pm

Evening online class: 6:00pm – 8:30pm


Intensive online class: 12:00 pm- 2:30pm

Private online class: bookable between 3:30pm – 9:00 pm

Evening online class: 9:00pm – 11:30pm


Intensive online class: 1:30 pm- 4:00pm

Private online class: bookable between 5:00pm – 10:30 pm

Evening online class: 10:30pm – 1:00am


About online German courses at DAS Akademie

DAS Akademie is best known for its cutting-edge German courses in Berlin. As a matter of fact, taking online German classes with us means learning to speak fluently. Similarly, our online German language courses focus on actively using the language. Our virtual German classes feature small groups, skilled teachers and curated content, so your learning environment will ignite a passion to speak German. For this reason, you will find it a walk in the park to master the grammar and vocabulary easily.

Since 1998, we have been at the forefront of teaching German. Our online German courses have shaped the future of 35,000 students in the past 15 years. We currently offer 2840 hours of interactive, communicative and effective classes each week. Together with the best teaching methods, we make you speak the German language effortlessly.

Why Learn German Online?

Exam Preparation

Move forward in life with distance learning

Gain effective communication skills in German. Advance your career or successfully prepare for an exam (Zertifikat Deutsch, TestDAF and telc).

Immersive Method

Speak German with native speakers

An estimated 220 million people speak German all over the world. After only 2 weeks of online training, you can start communicating with them right away.

Varied Multimedia Content

More Perspective on Life & Culture

Take an online German class with interesting content of highest quality. Thus, learning German online will not only be an effective, but also an enriching experience.

Studienkolleg Preparation

Prepare for a Studienkolleg or University

Advanced German skills are a must for the admission to a German University or Studienkolleg. Therefore, learning German in advance is crucial.


Online German Course by DAS Akademie


Successful language education for over 22 Years

Since 1998, DAS Akademie has been teaching German as a foreign language. Today, we have over 35,000 graduates from 40 nationalities worldwide.


Deutschkurs online with cutting-edge quality

Learn German anywhere, anytime and on any device. Join virtual German classes with real classroom dynamics. Videos, story-boards, podcasts and games support self-study.


World class educators with know-how

No wonder why DAS Akademie is the most recommended language school in Berlin! Learn German online with the best German teachers from Berlin.

Online German Course
Live German Classes
Language School Partners
Academic German Classes
Learn German Online

Ready to learn German online with a leading online German school? Register today! Your online German course will come along with an integrated preparation for telc or TestDAF exams.

Online German Course

Deutsch Online: Learning Options

Experience blended learning at its best. Anytime, anywhere and on any device. To begin with, our teachers shape your learning path – according to your learning needs. In face-to-face training, you learn, discuss and collaborate in small groups. As a result, you easily master the German grammar and vocabulary. In addition, you benefit from an interactive e-learning platform for self-paced learning. However, you can also opt for a completely modular approach with flexible one to one lessons.

Кира Калинина
Кира Калинина
Навчаюсь в закладі вже два тижні і вважаю, що це добре місце для підняття рівня німецької мови. Вчитель пояснює так, щоб учні могли зрозуміти його, при цьому все навчання проходить німецькою. Я задоволена курсом і буду продовжувати навчання.
Marcela Faganello Galluzzi
Marcela Faganello Galluzzi
One of the best language schools I have ever studied. Incredible classes, with a good development of subjects, and a very cozy and welcoming atmosphere.
Çağıl Şekercan
Çağıl Şekercan
I have participated in A1.2 and A1.2 level German intensive courses for two month. Not only our lecturer but also all the staff are extremely helpful and full of energy. Based on my experience, please mind Das Akademie's priority is speaking instead of grammar rules. If you are looking for a language course to level up your fluency, go for it! I had lots of fun while learning German within a small group. Highly recommended!
khady lo seck
khady lo seck
Absolutely fell in love with German as a language after taking a course with Dorina Pascu. Olalala she is the best language teacher I have ever come across. Super funny, dynamic and enthusiastic. I started learning german A1 in an online intensive class with her and I was super sad that the online intensive classes weren't available thereafter. She is a superstar. 100% recommend the school. Pastor Marchetti Pastor Marchetti
I highly recommend Das akademie, the teacher fiona is very charming, everyone who works there is very kind?
Sherri Ros
Sherri Ros
In my opinion, this is a very good language school in Berlin. The teachers are great and the staff are very friendly and does an excellent job. It offers a good price compared to other language schools in Berlin. I highly recommend it!

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start learning German in an online German class?

Right away! When you contact us to register, we will offer you a free placement test. This placement consists of two parts. Firstly, our team will send you a written test. Hereby,  we will assess your grammatical knowledge. Secondly, you will have a short conversation with a teacher. Thus, we will check your proficiency in speaking the German language. Of course, we will take both results into account before placing you into the most suitable group.

How many students are in every class?

Small groups in online German classes enable the best learning experience. The fewer the students, the more time per person. For this reason, we have an average of 4-6 students per class. Moreover, we open a course with only 4 students. However, the exact number of students per group depends on the enrollments for a specific German class. The maximum number of participants is 10 in our online German language courses.

How long does it take to complete a sublevel?

The duration of one sublevel (such as A1.1) depends on the course type. For example, it takes 4 weeks to complete one sublevel in an intensive course. In an evening course, on the other hand, it takes 10 weeks. The duration of a sublevel in a one-to-one course depends on you. In other words, what you want to achieve and your scheduling preferences set the pace.

Which software do you use for live German classes?

No irksome lectures, but downright fun multi-channel learning! During the live sessions of our online German course, we use the well-known video-conferencing software Zoom. Many businesses, schools and organizations worldwide use Zoom due to its quality, efficiency and ease-of-use. In effect, Zoom gathers students and the teacher in a digital classroom. Furthermore, students gain access to the e-learning platform Minticity for self-study. Consequently, a complete language programme with diverse input is awaiting you.

Do you offer free trial lessons?

Indeed, you can get a glimpse into a real session before booking your course. We offer free trial lessons on all levels so that you can understand how our courses are structured. After you contact us, we will offer you a suitable appointment.

Book your online German language course today in order to benefit from the best prices.